Zoom-Room and the Murphy bed of the 21st century

Whether we want to admit to it or not, many of us have probably spent a night or two on a murphy bed … whether the hidden bed behind a built-in cabinet that one pulled down from the wall or the bed of the Pullman overnight train car like that of the Orient-Express. As kids, this was the bomb, and I remember travelling with my siblings and thinking how cool it was to conceal a bed in your tiny train compartment.

For designer, decorators and homeowners, one of the main issues with a Murphy Bed is that although it is hidden from view, there is nothing much one can do with the vertical exposed space when the bed is up.  You cannot put a TV, or bookshelves or anything like that.  It’s wasted “wall” space.
Today, there is categorically NO reason to have an old-fashioned murphy bed.  The creative good people of Miami-based Zoom-Room bring us an automatic roll-out, remote controlled, hidden wall bed which maximizes space without sacrificing décor.  See to believe.  I was actually quite amazed.
This is definitely something to consider next time the topic comes up with a client.  As far as the cabinet is concerned, don’t worry if the models offered don’t fit your taste. Any architect, interior designer or furniture maker can help you design a beautiful furniture piece that fits the mechanism and your aesthetic.
Check out this very short video:
image credits: Zoom-Room
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