Woodland trophies

Recently I was commissioned by a client to look for some unique home accessories for their pied-à-terre in Dallas.  And while on the hunt in New York, my first stop was the Lars Bolander Store on 59th street.  Lars is a hugely talented colleague and Interior Designer with a flair for Scandinavian style interiors.  Lucky for the trade, he also has a store teeming with interesting, exotic and unique finds.  It is here that I found these truly amazing and super, super cute delicate hand carved poplar mushrooms.  Aren’t these fantastic for the right place?

The forest inhabitants come in 5 sizes and prices range from about US$300 – US$1,500. The extra-small mushroom is (13”high x 9”wide x 9”deep | 33cm x 23cm x 23cm) and perfect for a small entrance table or desk.  The extra-large friendly fungi (38”high x 25”wide x 25”deep | 97cm x 63.5 cm x 63.5cm) is begging to be placed in an outdoor shower or patio. But for the perfect “look”, cluster several mushrooms of different sizes and you will see they become the ideal summer conversation piece!