wood nesting trays from the former editor of domus and abitare

Cheerful, happy and beautifully made, the foglia nesting trays designed by Marta Laudani + Marco Romanelli with Filippo Francescangeli for Valsecchi1918 were exactly what I was looking for when I was asked by an important interior designer colleague to help her designers finish up a beautiful project in Maine. I don’t like jumping into someone else’s designs, but as we all know, it’s best to pay it forward.

Laudani + Romanelli (Romanelli was editor of Domus and Abitare, arguable the best Italian design publications) both architects, exquisitely interpreted the shapes of leaves for these wooden trays that come in 3 sizes in either natural ash or with the inner lip painted in yellow, blue, white, orange and 2 tones of gray.
The trays ended in the family room atop a lovely Scandinavian midcentury credenza with a wonderful rich patina.  They were intended for another part of the house, but as any decorator will tell you, more often than not, things have a way of eventually finding their “true” place … and the foglia trays look ravishing! Thank you Valsecchi1918.

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image credit:  Valsecchi1918, Bergamo