winter living series – beach getaways – Búzios

In many parts of the world, this is a Holiday week so rather than focus on beautiful pieces for the home, I’m bringing back the well received “summer living series” in its winter re-incarnation for a little travel inspiration.  And being that I’m more of a beach bum than a ski bunny, the week will be given to fabulous beachy places to escape the dreary winter months of the Northern hemisphere.

One of my all-time favorite places is Brazil, and one of my favorite pastimes is lying on the beach IN Brazil.  Put on the map in the swinging 1960s by Brigitte Bardot, the tiny fishing village of Búzios (dating back to pre-1600) is now a busy tourist mecca.  The great thing is that this little peninsula has 23 different beaches making it VERY easy to avoid the white-legged foreign tourist (don’t you like how all of a sudden I became a local?!).
The Insólito Boutique Hotel is a special place.  Clinging to a hill on the edge of one of the best beaches in Búzios, it was developed by the infinitely chic Frenchwoman Emanuelle Meeus de Clermont-Tonnerre who decorated the 11 rooms with her collection of art and collectables. When going to the beach is too much of an effort, you can roll out to bed into the 2 pool decks to take in the sun or stumble to the sexy beach lounge that sits amidst the swaying palms.  Que vida!
image credits: Insólito Boutique Hotel , Búzios
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