what would Rodin think?

In today’s contemporary design world, 2006 (the year the above chairs were introduced at the Salone del Mobile in Milano) is “so yesterday”, yet this wonderful piece seems to defy all odds and still be the talk of the town.  The clay chair, designed by Dutch wünderboy Marteen Baas is just that.  Hand modeled from industrial clay onto a steel frame and painted in a multitude of colored lacquers, this is literally one of those rare pieces where one can see the “artist’s” hand in the finished product. Far from being delicate, these chairs can take some abuse and live to talk about it.  They are sooo cool!

The dimensions vary around: (seat) 14 in. wide x 13 in. deep (35.5 x 33cm.) | (back height) 26-29 in. (66-73.5 cm) | (seat height) 16.1/2 – 18 in. (42 – 46 cm.).  It goes for approximately US$2,900.00 and can be purchased through the Moss Gallery in New York.