what do Havana, Versailles and Hurricane Katrina have in common?

Robert Polidori (American, b. 1951) is one of my favorite photographers and is one of today’s most preeminent and acclaimed artists.  Very well regarded by both peers and collectors, arguably his most famous body of work was his series on Havana (2001), the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (2006) commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the documentation of the restoration of the Château de Versailles (1980s-present).
To me Polidori as about a mood, about laying it out in an image and allowing the viewer to experience the image not only with what he actually observes but by completing the viewing experience by subconsciously bringing one’s own baggage to the experience.
Photo credit: © Robert Polidori, Bon de déplacement: Jeanne-Catherine-Agnès Arnauld, abesse de Port-Royal, MV5988, by Philippe de Champaigne, 1662. Polidori is represented by Edwynn Houk Gallery in Manhattan.