what are you going to name your jellyfish?

Face it, jellyfish are way cooler than sea monkeys!  One guy who agrees with me is Alex Andon of Jellyfish Art out in San Francisco who had the brilliant idea of bringing jellyfish to the peeps. We have fish as pets, so why not beautiful jellyfish?

There is something entrancing about watching jellyfish gently moving through water – they’re like aliens from another planet, right?  You have to go to a pro like Andon to get you started – jellyfish cannot just be added to your home aquarium.  His special tanks use the same technology of large aquariums of constant water flow to prevent the jellyfish from getting stuck in the corners or sucked into the filtration devices of a regular system! He also provides the food you need.
Andon’s tanks also come with LED lighting that changes colors to illuminate the eerie translucent bodies creating a stunning living work of art for practically any space – from an office to a living room.  These creatures are truly an elegant work of art.

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image credits: Jellyfish Art, San Francisco