waves of imagination

In my estimation, nothing becomes cutting-edge innovative design until it is replaced by something even more amazing and so today, the 2010 Enignum II dining table by 32-year old Irish wunderkid of design Joseph Walsh remains one of the most amazing pieces of contemporary furniture I’ve ever seen.
Taking 2 years to complete, the table embodies function and fantasy in its undulating ribbons of carved wood, showcasing an infinitely superb technical capability for transforming imagination into the pragmatic.  One 20-foot table offered by Todd Merrill is now rumored to be in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Viñoly, the architect/design power couple who know a thing or two about cutting-edge design and I would love to see it en situ.
If this is what Walsh produces at 32, I can hardly wait to see what he designs after years of accumulated experience.  Here’s to human imagination and to his continued success!
image credit: Todd Merrill & Associates, New York, who represents the designer in the US
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