wall décor; your very own wall of plants

Live Vertical Garden of Bayside, Long Island, have created a beautiful and functional new way to enjoy plants indoors.  This is perfect for people like me who live in city apartments, but long to have a bit of the outdoors, well … indoors!  In one of my first features on themodernsybarite, I wrote about an amazing “wall” of plants by Brazilian uber architect and my mentor Ugo di Pace – a fabulous mass of greenery seemingly growing from the walls in a private garden in Brazil.  This is a miniature version of that idea, carried indoors.

Each planter unit is crafted of mahogany that can be finished in a variety of paint colors.  I personally prefer the plain mahogany just because it’s better suited to a modern interior.  Units can be placed individually or several side by side to build a wonderful wall of plants, or you can use them as room dividers with plantings on each side.  This is a great way to add lush green vegetation and tropical colors to your space.

Can you even imagine how delightful it would be to have dinner with tropical ferns and orchids as your backdrop?  And since it has an incorporated and fully functioning watering and light system this garden for dummies is just what I need!
There are several benefits to having a garden like this at home.  Aside from the aesthetics, these vertical gardens help clean the air and work as a natural humidifier.  They also help absorb sound (another apartment living problem answered!).
Marie-Christine Steffanetti, one of the co-owners of Live Vertical Gardens tells me you can even grow vegetables!  I think that having tomatoes and herbs growing in your kitchen is cool but I caution growing beans and rutabaga in the living room – that’s just odd!

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image credits:  Live Vertical Garden, Bayside, New York