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I love recycling as much as the next guy, especially when it’s given a chic modern dose of Viennese design.  Designers are always trying to reinvent every aspect of modern living, but often the past is more than just a great source for ideas; it can be a literal gold mine of material.  Stillfried Wien is a fantastic shop in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood that brings the very best in contemporary Germanic design to America, and one of my favorite pieces on offer, is this dining/library table by Francois Gustin for Spolia.

Made in an edition of only 12, Gustin took the parquet floor from one of the grand 19th century aristocratic homes that line the Ringstrasse in Vienna, and infused it with new life.  Think of the stories this floor could tell of couples waltzing into the wee hours of the morning in fin de siècle Austria!

 viennese design modern table

The rich colors of the woods and the complexity of the pattern add an unexpected element of texture to a room.  And I like how the triangular frame of the legs mirrors the patterns in the parquetry.  It’s little details like this that make this an excellent example of modern Viennese design.

Repurposing elements of lost architectural heritage in such an innovative and fresh manner is a blessing for interior designers like me who strive to create interesting spaces for their clients.  Anyone could have a boring dining table from any number of national retailers, but this is why clients hire me: I simply don’t do boring.  My job is to find great pieces of furniture, like this table by Spolia that will set your home on fire… well, not literally of course!

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image credit: Spolia, Vienna for Stillfried Wien, New York.