versatility and sophistication in the interiors of über designer Alberto Pinto (rip)

Argentine-Moroccan interior architect Alberto Pinto is one of those rare jewels in the design world that can literally design any style of interior regardless of its extravagance or minimalism.  Who would have thought ALL the images in this feature are interiors for different clients by this chameleon master decorator?

Forty years of decorating castles, estates, palaces and penthouses; airplanes and hotels, from Riyadh to New York, has taught him a thing or two about pushing the envelope to create some marvelous and enchanted interiors.
But it’s often overlooked how the greatest of interior designers have to channel their exceptional experience and vision into delivering what their clients want (or think they want).  How many times has a client questioned a designer’s vision only to realize it really was the way forward – after all, that’s what they’re paying them for!
And while I’m not personally acquainted with Pinto, he is someone whose interiors I study, not just for the fabulous details, colors, layout and proportions (because all great interiors, regardless of style must have this perfect balance), nor just for the wonderful mix of period furnishing and art, but for his magic versatility of effortlessly combining everything into one delightful and livable box.
image credits: all Alberto Pinto, Paris with the exception of the last which is via Architectural Digest.
PS: Sadly for all of us, Mr. Pinto passed away on November 5th.
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