Valeria Nascimento: not what you expect from ceramics

One of today’s newer tendencies in art and design is incorporating ceramics as an integral part of the décor of a space.  Gone are the days when ceramics were considered tchotchkes for tabletop décor or for their utilitarian use.  Representing this current mindset and pushing the envelope on ceramics is the very skillful, Brazilian-born, London-based artist Valéria Nascimento.

As you can appreciate from the images, Valéria gets her inspiration from nature (and very likely from the natural richness – both inside an outside the ocean – found in Brazil). The fine edges of her vessels and flowers are simple, paper thin and exquisitely delicate, just like you would find in a garden or a coral reef.  They’re quite REMARKABLE!
I’m not sure the square and semi-circular objects shown here are intended to sit on top of a table as fine decoration or not, although personally I would totally place either of these on display as such.  They are more likely to be part of larger wall installation, perhaps very similar to that depicted in the last image, where Valéria installed numerous porcelain hibiscus flowers on a wall at the Tiffany & Co. Canary Wharf store in London.  Simplesmente maravilhoso.
Check her out at work below:

image credits: ValériaNacimento, represented by the Woolff Gallery, London.

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