unique lighting designs from California to fit any decor

One of my latest specifications for lighting in a dining room comes from my recent discovery of LA-based Emanuel Morez , purveyors of traditional and modern furniture and lighting. Their remarkable Matawi and Maji lighting lines are super chic.

These hand casted poly resin pendants and chandeliers are the perfect antidotes to the uber traditional client who is stuck in grannyland (you know who you are) and are all made in Los Angeles.  The Matawi line is made up of stylized resin leaves in clear, color or antique (slightly pink) color attached to vines that are customizable in black, iron or antique metal.  The Maji is the same, except that instead of leaves, you have round pods of resin at the end of the vines.  The riotous intermingling of the poly resin leaves or pods serve to hide the halogen bulbs that give enough light so that the pendants can be actually used and not only serve as fabulous décor.  Since you can customize the length of the pendant, you can tailor it to perfectly run down a long dining table, or use a smaller version in an entry hall.  Def two thumbs up to the creative contemporary lighting designs of Emanuel Morez!

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image credits: Emanuel Morez, Northridge (LA), California