timeless zen

Clean, contemporary design of the highest quality is not so easy to find, so when I learned about the Hong Kong-born, English-educated designer Samuel Chan through friends in Belgium, I paid a visit to his showroom Channels on the New King’s Road in London last July.

What is truly beautiful is the purity of line and craftsmanship that goes into all his furniture which has earned him an unprecedented five Design Guild Marks from the British Furniture Makers Guild.  In particular, I was hooked on his Motley Scandinavian birch drum (photo above) reminding me of the millenary rocks in a zen garden … so pure, so beautiful, so timeless.  In this case, small pieces of wood are knitted together with finger-joints into a solid block for indoor use only.  The seating drum measures 31.1/2 in. dia. x 13.3/4 in. tall | 80 cm. dia. x 35 in. tall.
For those thinking about the outdoors, there is also a cedar version that can withstand the elements.  Grrrrr …. these are the times I wish I had a bigger living space!!!!! But alas, I will find the perfect space for it in a client’s home.

image credit: Samuel Chan