these benches don’t bite, they purr!

The Hollywood Regency look has never been as glam and fab as when interpreted by uber chic LA-based designer Azadeh Shladovsky.  Whereas I usually talk to clients about adding a little pop to their room, this is pop on crack!  I totally caught the bug after writing about Nicole Fuller’s sophisticated interiors.

What can anybody say about Shladovsky’s “Infinity bench” (above)?  Can you even imagine walking into your front door and being greeted by this beauty every night?  A brass frame with alternating rosewood and scrumptious sheepskin – it’s making me want to take a seat on the bench and pet it for awhile!
From the same line, but with a completely different feel, I am gob smacked by Shladovsky’s  “Torre stools”.  Solid oak finished in a rich dark stain, they have an optional contrasting band in brass (optional? who wouldn’t want the brass band??) – I could use these in a living room, or outdoors by the pool and they can just as easily substitute for small cocktail tables when the gang shows up for drinks.  They bring just the right amount of casual sophistication to a finished room.
And finally to end almost where we began, there is the aptly named “Diva stool” – one huge tassel of longhair Patagonian sheepskin paired with the more industrial brass or polished nickel base.  Ooooooh, it’s totally the best for releasing your inner Mariah.  And in both black and white wool, they make a great pair in a library or used singly at a bedroom’s vanity.  There’s an air of the 70s in this look, but who doesn’t love that when it’s packing so much chic!
I could go crazy if my client let me.  It can be a tough sell to move away from the traditional into something more playful and fun, but you can’t go wrong adding unique, well-designed and crafted pieces to your home.  I guarantee you’ll start with one piece and then wonder what has held you back all these years!

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image credits: Azadeh Shladovsky represented by Jean de Merry, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.  Also available through the JdeMerry storefront at Dering Hall.