the Y not life – a new lifestyle weblog

I don’t review new websites; it’s not my thing.  But today I’m making an exception.

Recently I was invited to follow the Y not life, a brand new lifestyle weblog catering to the sassy, hip, sexy, young, affluent, gossip-seekers and culturally clued-in … to those for whom jumping on a plane to Nice, Santiago or Doha for a weekend visit is natural and “Y” not.  Honestly, I was honored because while I want to consider myself hip and sexy, the reality is that … well, hum … I’m not!
But the premise as far as I can see is not to present things that necessarily cost a zillion dollars but things that are out-of- the-ordinary interesting – for example, they will feature the Friedrichstadt Palast Cabaret in Berlin rather than the Cirque du Soleil, or the fabulous LA-based Azature brand of hip jewelry instead of Cartier … or Prince Harry’s romps instead of Charlie Sheen’s.  If anything else, it’s an entertaining site to satiate your palate on the sophisticated and hippest international places for art and culture, beauty, travel, food, decoration, fashion and people all in a very unpretentious sort of way because the writers are … well … exactly like the people they write about.
Buena Suerte amigos/Good Luck friends/Buona Fortuna amici/ Boa Sorte amigos /Bonne Chance mes amis!
image credits: the Y not life.  Galliera Museum, Paris; Aurora Restaurant, Capri; sneakers, Maison Martin Margiela, Paris; British olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish by Anderson & Low.
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