the sybaritic modern interiors of steven volpe

In the world of Interior Design, like in any profession, there are interior designers and then there are INTERIOR DESIGNERS; creative maniacs with infinite good taste, superb client management skills and an excellent support group of project managers, artisans, craftsmen and suppliers who help put it all together and make the project look effortless.  San Francisco-based Steven Volpe is one of the geniuses who falls into this category.

Take a look at 2 of his living room designs, one more modern than the other.  In neither has he filled the room with unnecessary art and furniture and in big rooms like these, it is easy to do so with meaningless pieces that have no integrity. But Steven has this gift to put together spaces that whisper sophisticated chic and connoisseurship … spaces where high design exists PERFECTLY together with timeless pieces of high art. The quintessential modernsybarite!
So whether he combines a pair of Gino Sarfatti 1950s floor lamps with a photograph by Richard Learoyd and 1940s lounge chairs by Marc du Plantier in a polished white room with amber-backed lacquered bookshelves (top) or a 1970s Guy de Rougemont cocktail table in a more traditional white-paneled room with 1930s club chairs and Louis XV leather upholstered chairs (bottom), this guy is the bomb!  He is sooo good at his matière that I would actually work for free for him (but maybe not for too long!)
image credits: (top) Architecture Digest; (bottom) Steven Volpe Design
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