the spontaneous furniture of a london design firm

For the last 5 years, Glithero, a London based design firm, has been perfecting their marvelous “Les French” furniture line.  And rather than producing something exquisite but already seen, “Les French” is the result of a creative and unusual design approach that brings to life the sketch as it first appears on paper, creating a usable and beautiful piece of furniture. The duo behind the studio, Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren, call it an “ode to the prototype”.

As noted, the mission is for the final result to capture the beauty and impulsive nature of the first sketch. It’s high concept design at its finest.  First, the base structures are quickly crafted by tying bamboo sticks and binding them together with twine and then casting it all in bronze.  Second, the tops, are sketched in cardboard and crafted using gum paper strips (think of a more sophisticated type of papier-mâché) and then fitted to the bronze bases. Walnut drawers are incorporated for a smooth operation.
The results are unusual pieces with visual tension.  At a glance, the tops look like they’re made of solid construction and the base structure looks like it could topple with the slightest blow.  But in reality, it’s the reverse.  The bottom is as solid and heavy as anything made of bronze, while the top, though sturdy and usable, is the lightest component of the whole.

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image credits: Rendez-Vous desk (1 and 2 images) Petr Krejci, courtesy of Glithero, London.  All others, Glithero.