The sensuous shapes of astrid dahl

Inspired by plants and flowers, Astrid Dahl, the uber South African ceramicist, continues to amaze me with her incredible and complex shapes in natural white clay.

Often reminding me of the 3-D counterpart to Georgia O’Keeffe’s fabulously sensual and mysterious flowers, Astrid’s mastery at handling unglazed white earthenware and stained black porcelain is remarkable.   These are delicate vessels that are bold and fragile, ethereal and enchanting.  She plays with light and shadow to produce sculpture that feels and looks like silk.  B-A-K-G-A-T!
And don’t think for a minute these would only look chic in a Ranch House in Texas or Argentina.  I’ve used them in a bachelor’s apartment in NY and given the comments of my client’s female friends, these are a roaring success.
image credits: Amaridian, New York, where Astrid’s ceramics can also be found.
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