the rhythmic colors of Heinz Mack

I must admit that as far as colors go, turquoise green is not my all-time favorite. But interestingly, regardless of my color predilection, this painting by Dusseldorf über-artist Heinz Mack causes me to pause and observe.

Capturing light, reflection and vibration are said to be well-documented features of Mack’s work and to me this is a perfect example. Each vertical broken saturated line makes for a projection, while the lighter strokes make for a recession and so together a certain rhythm is conjured. His melodic effect is further solidified by the thick horizontals in different colors at the top and bottom of the canvas and in the thick, gooey impasto left by his brushstrokes that help reflect the light.
With so many superstar artists around, it is hard to give them each equal attention, but Mack’s work inspires my curiosity to further explore an artist well established in the art historical canon of the Post-War period.
If you are in or passing through Hong Kong prior to 20 January, take a few minutes and go to the Ben Brown Fine Art Gallery in Pedder Street in Central to check out an amazing selling exhibition on the artist.
image credit: © Heinz Mack.  Dynamische Struktur, 1958, signed, stamped and dated, synthetic resin on canvas, 39.3/8 x 40 in. | 100 x 101.5 cm. The artist is represented by Ben Brown Fine Arts, London and Hong Kong.
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