the ravishing black irish

One of the greatest joys of what I do is discovering new modern design in all mediums.  I was particularly taken aback recently when a British friend introduced me to the work of County Cork based Irish artist Sara Flynn at the dubh/dialogues in black, a selling exhibition at the American Irish Historical Society in New York.
What struck me were her black “junction” vessels (shown above), which I had mistakenly thought to be made of bronze or some type of metal because of their sinewy shape, saturated color and apparently sharp edges.  Amazingly they turned out to be of thrown porcelain that has been “cut, pushed, re-assembled, scraped and sponged to emphasize the precise and undulating curves” and the edge is masterly painted in white to accent it and make it appear thinner than what it is.  They are sooo amazingly sexy, chic and beautiful.  Can you guess what I will “encourage” in my next interior project?!
Don’t be fooled by the photo.  The vessels are relatively small (approx. 12×6 in. | 30 x 15 cm.).
image credit: © Sara Flynn.  The exhibition dubh / dialogues in black goes home to Ireland after its opening in NY, and from February 2nd to March 15th 2012 will be on view at the Oliver Sears Gallery, Molesworth Street, Dublin.
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