The perfect desk object: a 1920s Cartier clock

It used to be that a desk could be filled with great decorative objects – think a silver inkstand, a magnifying glass with a horn handle, and that perfectly worn globe.

And then the computer arrived and overtook the desk space banishing everything else from sight … thank goodness … you know how much I like “things”!  Today computers are getting smaller and smaller and once again encouraging the tchotchke hunters to overpopulate their desks with “personal treasures”.
To this, one exception: a Cartier desk clock. What a gem. Even across the room, one could peg it as a Cartier, the masters at incorporating Art Deco design into jewelry and objects. This clock is insufferably elegant and chic … look at the phenomenal green jade and geometric enamel on the silver base.  Certainly a great nod to the architecture of the day.  And at 4 in. high it barely whispers clutter, no?
image credit: M. S. Rau Antiques, New Orleans
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