The passion in the photos of Christopher Thomas

My best friend in London brought to my attention a fascinating photographer which admittedly was new to me.  Munich-born artist Christopher Thomas is better known for his New York Sleeps, a series of photographs of city monuments and landmarks shown in the early morning before the hoards descend.  The rich and sensual tonality of the image, coupled with its very plastic quality serve to modify our perception of architecture.

But while New York Sleeps is a very cool group of photos, I’m more partial to his newer body of work entitled Passion, in reference to the Passion of Christ.  In this series, Christopher is intent in showing the human emotions of pain, sorrow, and resignation in his characters.  My favorite is shown above.  The frame shows a dark cavernous room and only the back of a fleeing woman in white linen robes.  The image is so powerful, the viewer can sense her moment of despair without even viewing her face.
image credit: © Christopher Thomas.  The artist is represented by Bernheimer Fine Art Photography, Munich and Steven Kasher Gallery, New York.