Richard Rabel

New York Interior Designer Richard Rabel is consistently asked by his clients for advice on art, design and decoration.  Under the aegis of richard rabel interiors + art, ltd., Richard provides clients with livable, warm and unique interiors that reflect a 21st century lifestyle.

His rich experience in fine and decorative art of all periods brings a distinct aesthetic to his rooms beyond the traditional interior design sensibility.¬†Richard’s projects include residential interiors in Dallas, New York, Paris and Sao Paulo where he’s placed an array of diverse works by artists and designers including, among others, paintings by van Dyck and Twombly, photographs by Polidori and Sugimoto, and works by J.-M. Frank and van der Straeten.

His personal taste is showcased in his blog themodernsybarite¬†and¬†in his features as a former contributing¬†editor to Modenus¬†–¬†the leading interior design resource in the UK and US – and to¬†The Daily Basics –¬†a widely read online resource of carefully selected fresh and original content by today’s best lifestyle and home experts. Having grabbed the attention of the establishment with his discerning eye for art, antiques and modern design,¬†themodernsybarite¬†was recently named a media partner by acclaimed London-based international fair organizer¬†Haughton Art Fairs¬† along side other illustrious names such as¬†Apollo Magazine,¬†¬†Hedge,¬†Country & Town HOUSE,¬†The Magazine Antiques, and¬†Fine Art Connoisseur.

New York Interior Designer Richard Rabel

A multi-linguist with a ten-year career as a senior director and specialist at Christie’s, the London-based international art auction house, twenty years of art and design study and over thirty years of international travel, Richard has lived in seven countries and has had access to some of the most exquisite and exclusive spaces.¬† From San Francisco to Mexico City, Sao Paulo to Geneva, Istanbul to Delhi and Sydney to Shanghai, the breadth of his travels has cultivated his eye and contributed to defining his exacting taste and modern aesthetic.

Photo Credit: © Joshua McHugh