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The word “sybarite” brings to mind images of luxury, pleasure, chicness, good taste and beauty. The “modern sybarite” puts all these into today’s context while scouting the globe for the very best.

In the 17th Century, a sybarite lived in sublime interiors with delicate, ornate and oversized furniture and the best of tapestries, silks, velvets and damasks for upholstery, window treatments and wall coverings. Today, few of us live that way! A modern sybarite’s aesthetic for art and design reflect a less stuffy, more comfortable way of life. Both, however, strive for pleasurable and stylish living by adhering to the highest standards, regardless of product, object, price or brand.

Richard Rabel’s themodernsybarite™ interior design blog is a well-researched, original content blog published under two premises:

1- To provide my readers with a tastefully curated collage of what I think is the best in art, design and decoration all of which have been or potentially can be used in my interior design projects.

2- To provide my readers with a platform that showcases my talent, aesthetic and connoisseurship for new business possibilities in interior design, art advising or editorial work.

themodernsybarite™ interior design blog is NOT a retail shop nor do we sell anything from this site. With every post, we make an effort to direct you to a website(s) so that you can inquire directly.  In return, we ask you to kindly tell the vendors you saw their product on this blog.