the modern crystal chandelier

People may not know this, but early on I was interested in biology and chemistry. Somewhere along the line that thankfully changed.  But sometimes the things you dig early on are hard to shake off.  So when I was looking for several pendant fixtures for a project, I immediately was attracted to the flying molecule-looking spheres of the Bollicine pendant by Marchetti Illuminazione in Ancona, Italy.  What a wonderful piece!

Although it comes in 2 versions (white/white spheres and blue/white spheres) you can surely guess what I prefer (illustrated).  This lamp is airy, whimsical, interesting and seemingly floats over the space you place it in.  Not only is it perfect for the client who insists on a “diamonique” chandelier (you sell it by insisting this is more modern and not “old” looking … it works), but for the client who totally gets MODERN in today’s terms.
image credit: Marchetti Illuminazione