the mirror as a study in dazzling artistry

Like enormous multi-faceted diamonds, the smoking hot contemporary mirrors of British designer Sam Orlando Miller are simply striking.  Regardless of the mirror’s color, the play of light and dark, shadow and reflection make these stylish design pieces for any sophisticated interior.

Unlike other fine or sculptural art that by its own nature normally absorbs light, Sam’s mirrors reflect light and envelop the world around them.  This is not something the ordinary artist thinks of when producing his output.  But then, Sam is far from being a conventional artist.
Trained in his father’s London silversmith workshop producing high-quality silver tableware and sculptural works, Sam soon learned two lessons that would bring distinction to his current work.  First, the skill of working with silver and how it reflects light.  Second, the excellence in crafting high-end objects.  Two lessons from the past that are well nurtured in his present contemporary mirror designs.
image credit: Sam Orlando Miller, London; © Hellen Miller
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