The minimalist modern interiors of brad ford

Last year during a presentation, a potential client was leafing through my portfolio and stopped at one project and said “Is this yours or Brad Ford’s”. As a creative type, comments like these are enough to immediately catch you off guard.  I did not really know much about Brad, but you can be assured I raced back to my office and googled the guy!

Since then, I’ve met Brad and found him to be, not only a terrific person, but a truly remarkable designer.  His designs are timeless and he, like I, seek out the best in understated designs that are straightforward, elegant and functional using only the best materials possible. Just look at 2 of Brad’s living rooms featured here.  There is not one unnecessary piece of furniture or accessory in the rooms. The layout and flow of the rooms are conducive to conversation (they are living rooms after all!) and the monochromatic color scheme is broken by rich off-color textiles and textures that give the spaces their exuberance. You pare this with interesting design of appropriate proportion and scale, as in the BEAUTIFUL Jeff Zimmerman Branching Vine lighting fixture above, and you have a one of a kind space. Well done my friend!

image credits: ©Brad Ford ID


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