The lyrical abstract forms of Suzan Frecon

There is something about this contemporary abstract painting I can’t quite put into words but I absolutely love it. Its emotional effect on me is similar to when I view a Rothko … it is calming, peaceful and serene.  Here the “negative” space, which in so many other works of art is just that, easily vacillates with the positive space to create a whole … and the selection of the saturated primary and a secondary colors and the play between the uneven yet complimentary shapes make for a terrific work of art with soul.

American born and Brooklyn-based artist Suzan Frecon works with lines and geometric shapes and is known for her sensitive arrangement of color, shapes, textures and volumes.  Her work is not random, but painstakingly and laboriously planned and then executed by her driving instinct.  Wouldn’t this be a most phenomenal addition to a well-appointed interior?
Image credit: © Suzan Frecon. Mineral Composition, 2004, oil on linene, diptych, 108 x 87.3/8 in. | 274.4 x 222 cm.  The artist is represented by The David Zwirner Gallery, Manhattan.