the legend of narcissus redux – a reminder in the art of Rachel Hovnanian

New York-based artist Rachel Hovnanian’s work really catches my eye with her beautiful “Gates of Narcissus, Motherboards”, a series of heavily textured, sculptural framed works made of thousands of tiny, metal-casted, narcissus flowers.

The legend of Narcissus goes that as a very beautiful young man, he considered all others unworthy of his attentions and so he turned to his reflection with which he fell in love.  He was unable to pull away and sadly, eventually died.  Hovnanian wants to draw the parallel to Narcissus in our present daily lives with her work.

The idea of getting sucked into the screens of our phone and tablets should serve as a warning.  We walk the streets, ride the subways and drive cars plugged into and immersed in our phones and tablets and we don’t “stop to smell the flowers” or interact with others if only with a friendly smile.  We live in a world that’s about me, myself and I.
And so like our man-made screens, “The Gates of Narcissus, Motherboards”, with their beautiful metallic sheen and reflection of light mesmerizes us into staring into this man-made sea of flowers  – a much better alternative to staring at the dull tiny portable screens that seem to transfix us!
image credits: Rachel Hovnanian.  She currently has a show in Palm Desert, California at the Imago Gallery.