The glass “ghost” chair

Yesterday I was scouring the web for 1960s furniture and was surprised to see that Artnet Auctions is currently having a sale that closes on Thurs 28 July called the “Museum Sale” (where all the pieces have examples in a Museum’s permanent collection).  There, amongst other things, I found a pair of ghost chairs!  Unfortunately, I can’t buy these hoping for a future client (the first step in going bankrupt!), but for anybody who loves the design of these 1980s icons, I recommend you look into them.  They are simply scrummy.

Cini Boeri and Tomu Takayanagi designed the chairs in the mid 1980s for the Italian firm Fiam.  They so revolutionized what we normally think of furniture and glass that the Corning Museum of Glass in New York purchased one for its permanent collection.
Not only can these sleek chairs withstand 330 pounds or 150 kilos of weigh on them, they are surprisingly comfortable and oh so very sexy. Can’t you just see yourself sitting on the chair above, losing your thoughts to the never ending view of the ocean? I promise that after a while you will not even realize you are floating on glass.
Image credit: M2L Genuine Design