the coolest chair ever ….

I was recently in Washington DC pitching for a project and when I finished, I bee-lined it to Industry Gallery,  a 21st century international design gallery whose focus is to showcase young and innovative designers and artists using modern, industrial materials for their designs.  One particular product that blew me away is Taiwanese designer Chishen Chiu’s Flexible Love’s seating system.

The seating system (I say this because different models can seat from 1 to as many as 20 individuals) is made from recycled paper and wood waste using pre-existing manufacturing processes, so there is little additional impact on the environment.  The honeycomb structure used throughout produces a slinky or accordion-like result that allows each piece to be extended or collapsed with ease, changing the length and shape of the chair by simply pulling the ends.  Amazing!  The gallery tells me they are also pretty sturdy as the NationalMuseum in Taiwan has had 10 of these for public use and is still using them after 3 years!  The chairs vary in price form US$200.00 – 800.00 each.
To see is to believe .. check out the video on the coolest chair ever!:
image credit: Industry Gallery