The cool look of Robert Stilin

I came across this living room by New York City (and East Hampton) based Interior Designer Robert Stilin and I just could not stop thinking about it.  It’s right up my alley!!!

From what I can see, it is mostly furnished with 70s case goods (those chairs, most likely upholstered in wonderful suede, are truly to die for). But what I really know and like about Robert’s work, is his insistence in having real art in his interiors without being pretentious or pedantic. So the wire chair in the foreground is not supposed to be practical, but act as a very cool sculpture.  It also works because it complements the seating arrangement of the space without the visual weight of a “real” chair, for example, a club chair.  Other sculpture is seen on the side table and art photos hang on the wall.  I had never seen art displayed as he does the b&w photo.  It is purposely mounted to the wainscoting at a lower eye level, contributing to the relaxed sophistication of the entire room.  This space is yummy!
image credit: © Robert Stilin
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