The coming of a new Bronze Age

When I think of the Bronze Age, rightly or not, I think of rather rudimentary men inhabiting the earth using bronze to make very basic tools and so I was curiously surprised when I eyed these vessels in the window of the Amaridian Gallery in Manhattan … could they be true antiquities of back then?

Much to my surprise, these marvelous objet d’art  turned out to be the result of contemporary experimentation with bronze by South African-based duo Otto du Plessis and Charles Haupt of Bronze Age Studio in Cape Town.  The delectable bowls are quite beautiful in their coloring, elegant in their shape and those with external decoration, are curiously quirky.  Imagine a pair flanking a tastefully lacquered Japanese box on a Ruhlmann console table … simply spectacular.
image credits: Amaridian Gallery, New York, where the pieces can be acquired.  The vessels range in height from 2-8 in. tall and 4-10 in. in diameter. Made by Bronze Age Studio.
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