the charming side of repurposing furnishings british style

Just when I think I know a thing or two about repurposing, I’m forced to revise my definition because of another MORE clever example.  Case in point the chest-of-drawers featured today.

These stellar must-haves are by incredibly quirky and creative British duo of Hannah Plumb and James Russell a.k.a. James Plumb whose labor of love in working with the discarded and overlooked has made them international young design celebrities.  And while their “look” is more old-world-bohemian-glam than modern-tailored-chic, I cannot seem to get these out of my head.  They’re simply marvelous!
The duo painstakingly selects antique and vintage suitcases that are later repaired, cleaned and repurposed (each suitcase is relined in Swedish linen) and fitted into individual, tailored-made, wood cases.  Then the cases are set into a metal framework for the finished product.  Each chest is unique and comes in different drawer stacks and widths.
For the right place, these are certainly worth dropping some coin.  Bravo!
image credits: James Plumb, UK.  Portrait: Franziska Rieder, Architectural Digest German Edition.
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