The Bronson room divider

I often run into the dilemma of having to divide a room.  Do you use a screen? Do you position the furniture to organically divide the space?  Do you build a wall?  So many options!!!

Recently, I was made aware of a divider that could easily work in a number of spaces.  The Bronson divider by Contempo Space is a free-standing furniture piece that needs not be fastened to the ceiling, walls or floor, regardless of its size.  And it has a rotating cavity that allows you to place and enjoy TV in 2 spaces!  The reverse of the wall holds multiple shelves for books or objects.  It seems to be the perfect solution for hotels and smaller city spaces.
The company has several standard sizes for quick shipment, but I would actually design one with them to fit my client’s room.  The present rendition doesn’t give the idea its due justice: one could really design a fabulous, sleek and modern cabinet to take it up a notch in sophistication.  Regardless of how uptown or downtown you are, this is one nifty piece of furniture!
image credits: Contempo Space
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