The brilliant books of Airan Kang

Contemporary art comes in m-a-n-y disguises, some easier to grasp than others, so when I’m scouting for today’s art either for myself or for my clients I want it to be approachable and provocative in as much as I want it to trigger curiosity to learning more and it must be something that makes me smile. Unusual is also an element but never unusual for the sake of being so.

The work of Korean-born contemporary artist Airan Kang hits it out of the ball park with her unusual resin-encased books filled with fiber optics and LED’s.  These virtual books continually change in brightness, intensity and hue and actually don’t contain any text as they represent the imaginary literary space of books in our life.
These are soooo cool!  While a collector does not have to purchase an entire wall of LED books as shown above, he CAN make a statement by collecting individual titles.  And if you mix and mingle them into your library, you are sure to get a conversation started!
image credit: © Airan Kang, represented by the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, Manhattan.