tamera leigh staten – the annie oakley of contemporary product design

Chicago-based designer Tamera Leigh Staten has conceived the brilliant “Oona” pendants from blown smoky glass and patinated copper and that has me thinking 70’s retro chic.  Although much better made than many of the original postmodern lighting I see today, these can be ordered with other custom finishes and shades of smoky glass but frankly, I think they’re marvelous just as they are.

One assumes that something this sophisticated was crafted by a true and tested lighting designer, right?  Well, if you need a good example that great design talent can move around different fields, look no further than to the artist herself.  Her extensive schooling was in creative writing and children’s literature, her experience in freelance and in-house graphic design and branding, along with a stint as an apprentice at an antique lighting restoration studio.  The result is the inspiring and breathtaking “Oona”, her first commercial product.
Tamera is part of Lake + Wells, a collective of independent, creative and talented designers founded in 2010 and based in Chicago. She also restores antique lighting and can custom design lighting for any space.  She rocks!

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image credits: Tamera Leigh Staten, Chicago