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modern glass that inspires: baldwin guggisberg

modern glass baldwin guggisberg

Modern glass vessels help bring freshness to a room that heavier sculpture and flat art can’t always do. Recently a dear friend brought to my attention the inspired glass works of American-Swiss artists based in Wales: Baldwin Guggisberg. I’m so … Continue reading

barry friedman at christie’s: high-end contemporary design for sale


Barry Friedman, one of New York’s premier modern design dealers is retiring and selling part of his extensive contemporary design collection of furniture and art at Christie’s New York over the course of three days starting tomorrow 25 March 2014. … Continue reading

a beehive of light

Good design is good design regardless of when it was made.  And today, with technology fueling the increasingly faster pace between the idea and final product, it is easy to be blasé about good design and be of the mindset … Continue reading

Do you know Murano’s merletto?

Venice.  The name connotes all things beautiful, delicious and decadent, so it’s no surprise that some of the most sought after glass in the world comes from one of the islands in the lagoon: Murano.  It is also no secret … Continue reading

“it’s so old it’s new”

The timeless Torcello antique mirror screen by Arte Veneziana is one of those pieces that REALLY goes with any period of décor. It is inspired by 18th century mirrored glass of which Venice was one of the finest producers at the … Continue reading

a midcentury treasure in dallas

Although I’ve known of them for years, being based in New York really did not give me the chance to pay them a visit.  But as luck would have it, I started working with a client in Dallas, so when … Continue reading