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winter living series – beach getaways – Çeşme

As the fifth and last beach destination of this  Holiday week series, I’ve selected the 7800 Çeşme Hotel.A beautiful boutique beach hotel favored by Turks in-the-know, it is located west of Ismir and facing the  bay of  Boyalik and the  Aegean Sea. This is … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous hotels – Istanbul

If there is any city that links the East with the West it is Istanbul, a venerable city of rich traditions that embraces the 21st century like no other. And the Bosphorus, an elegant body of water connecting the Black … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous escapes – Leisure Yachting – Turkey

Summer cruising the Turkish Mediterranean – forget the monstrous cruise lines with thousands on board and instead picture leisure sailing with your family and friends on your own yacht and crew sailing to hidden coves and harbors where the turquoise sea … Continue reading