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the legend of narcissus redux – a reminder in the art of Rachel Hovnanian

New York-based artist Rachel Hovnanian’s work really catches my eye with her beautiful “Gates of Narcissus, Motherboards”, a series of heavily textured, sculptural framed works made of thousands of tiny, metal-casted, narcissus flowers. The legend of Narcissus goes that as … Continue reading

Apavisa Porcelanico’s corroding metal tiles: one designer’s treasure is a client’s coup

It’s really incredible what some modern porcelain companies are doing in accurately producing tiles that resemble wood, metal, rock and cement.  One of the innovators in this field is the Spanish company Apavisa Porcelánico who stylishly reproduce the look of corroding metal … Continue reading

the calligraphic impasto of James Hayward

I was recently offered a marvelous painting by James Hayward (American, b. 1943) for one of my clients and I immediately started drooling – mind you, not for the asking price, but for the rich, lathery, scrummy impasto of the … Continue reading

Chu Teh-Chun’s inner light

Chinese artist Chu Teh-Chun (b. 1920) has been a fixture on the Hong Kong contemporary scene for years, and although he has a presence in the West (predominantly France where he is a member of the prestigious AcadĂ©mie des Beaux-Arts) … Continue reading