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bone china: they (happily) don’t make it like they used to!

When I hear of “bone china”, the distant and poorer cousin of porcelain, I rightly or wrongly imagine English dinnerware in a fussy 18th century style, which I certainly don’t think of as hip.  So it took my cousin in … Continue reading

guest blogging @ dezignlicious

Hippos Invade America Earlier in the week, I had a chance to make a guest appearance on the fabulous interiors blog Dezignlicious with my post “Hippos Invade America”.  Thank you Gail for your invitation.  If you missed it, you can … Continue reading

Brooklyn’s cultish cutting boards

Whoever thought a kitchen cutting board could be cool and hip?  Not me, but I was readily converted after I saw these from indy designer Peter Raho, owner of Gowanus Furniture. These beautiful custom boards whisper great design and have … Continue reading

Jensen’s Pyramid

Good news from Georg Jensen, one of my favorite 20th century silversmiths.  Their classic Pyramid pattern flatware is now available in stainless steel (although you can still get it in sterling).  I dig this pattern that harkens back to 1926 when … Continue reading

guest blogging @ france’s european chic

Dinner Bling in the Age of Napoleon One thing we cannot deny about the French is their chicness and sophistication in everything art and design.  So when I was approached by Anna of European Chic to write a guest blog … Continue reading

summer living week – A fork was just a fork…

until Christofle, the famed Parisian silversmiths, got their hands on it.  It is virtually impossible to make something new and exciting when it has been in daily use for over 400 years, but that is exactly what Christofle has done … Continue reading

summer living week – shishi living with oil + vinegar

I will venture to say most of us keep our oil and vinegar in the same bottles they came in … perhaps its laziness, maybe it’s “cool” to show off the labels, possibly it brings fond memories of a great … Continue reading