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5 sinfully amazing private swimming pools

We all like to take-a-peek inside those homes that seem larger than life.  Today I’ve featured some quite unique private swimming pools from around the world.  Hope you enjoy. image credits: From top to bottom – Melbourne, Australia (Out-of-the-Blue) | … Continue reading

Breathtaking architecture in Singapore

As the final week of the summer closes in on us, I thought it apropos to feature an architectural marvel that is not only an incredible hotel with an exceptional pool and magnificent tropical gardens, but a great escape from … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous hotels – Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is one of the most awe inspiring cities in the world.  As the locals call it, a true cidade maravilhosa. Its geography is mind boggling and the beauty of its people, both physically and emotionally … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools – Maldives

Had I been Napoleon and exiled to Elba, I would have asked for a transfer to the Rangali Islands. Seriously.  There I could have been away from civilization but at least living in Paradise.  Today, the Conrad Rangali Resort gives its … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools

Can anybody guess where this piece of heaven is located?  The infinity pool allows you to envelop yourself in fresh and temperate mountain water while getting lost gazing into the horizon of blue-green ocean, mountainous crags and lush vegetation.  Move … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools – Texas

In the midst of high rise towers and cantilevered on the rooftop of one of the newest hotels by the amazing architect/designer Adam Tihany, is this awe-inspiring swimming pool of the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas.  I’m out of words, … Continue reading

summer living series – fabulous pools – Mykonos

The thought of feasting on abundant and delicious horiatiki salata, aglaias moussaka, and a honey dripping piece of baklava by this private pool where nobody can see me is not only naughty but soooo very tantalizing!  From the pool and … Continue reading