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felt home accessories never looked better


FilzFelt, a Boston-based company specializing in felt, is producing modern and versatile felt home accessories: felt floor coverings, felt drapery, felt hanging panels and felt tabletop embellishments for today’s home that offer flexibility and soften spaces both physically and acoustically … Continue reading

design shopping challenge: 4 sophisticated room dividers from around the world

One important aspect of interior design is the ability to delineate spaces or create the impression of space where there is none.   And one of the oldest tricks of the trade is the use of screens. Today, I feature 4 … Continue reading

stalactites and stalagmites 4 the home

This is one bookcase like you’ve never seen before. Introduced during Milan Design Week, this modular bookcase/display/storage space is by Daniele Lago for Italian firm Lago Studio.  You may recall I wrote about them when I introduced the deliciously colorful … Continue reading

“it’s so old it’s new”

The timeless Torcello antique mirror screen by Arte Veneziana is one of those pieces that REALLY goes with any period of décor. It is inspired by 18th century mirrored glass of which Venice was one of the finest producers at the … Continue reading

The Bronson room divider

I often run into the dilemma of having to divide a room.  Do you use a screen? Do you position the furniture to organically divide the space?  Do you build a wall?  So many options!!! Recently, I was made aware … Continue reading

Kansas City’s modernist duo

The art and design talent on either coast of the USA often grabs all the attention, but sometimes it pays to look for the stars in middle America. And this is exactly what happened to me when I was recently … Continue reading

adding struktur to a room

You don’t have to put up a wall to divide a large room, there are in fact many alternatives.  Immediately what comes to mind to most people is using a partition screen.  These have been used in interiors since man … Continue reading