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enhancing life’s palate – Michael Aram’s salt and pepper shakers

We take salt and pepper for granted, not giving a second thought to these dietary staples we use everyday.  But who really knows the history and how we came to rely on them to bring spice to our lives?  Follow … Continue reading

making magic from everyday objects – the art of tara donovan

I almost missed Tara Donavan’s (b. 1969) first European show at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art outside of Copenhagen, Denmark had it not been for some of my itinerant friends.  Tara, for those who don’t know, is a Brooklyn-based … Continue reading

ancient textiles for contemporary living: the rapa furniture by israeli designer ayala serfati

I was recently having tea with my friend Daniella Ohad in her very stylish and contemporary flat in New York, when the “thing” she sat on caused me to get up, touch, scoot her out and sit.  It was the … Continue reading

pull, stretch and snap: the works of sebastian brajkovic and vincent dubourg

Blurring the lines of art, sculpture and furniture are the works of the amazingly talented thirtysomethings Sebastian Brajkovic and Vincent Dubourg, two artists producing different types of sculptural furniture through the distortion of familiar forms. In both cases, the guys … Continue reading

in vulcan’s forge: extraordinary pieces from parisian designer christophe côme

In a post earlier in the year, I marveled at the wonderful loukoum lamps by Paris-based artist and designer Christophe Côme and purposefully omitted his other furniture because he is one designer that deserves, at minimum, the recognition of another … Continue reading

the art of interior photography: the unparalleled eye of joshua mchugh

  Joshua McHugh is a New York-based highly acclaimed freelance photographer that specializes in interior, architecture and other art/design projects and whom I’ve known for awhile as my photographer of choice for interior design projects.  With corporate clients like Knoll … Continue reading

c. jeré: the creative design brains behind the “stage name”

Every now and then I come across an amazing mirror or sculpture signed C. Jeré, and until recently I had no idea of the genius behind the name.  C. Jeré, erroneously also called Curtis Jere, is not a person like … Continue reading