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pierre gonnord: modern photographs with an eye to the past

The Golden Age of Spanish painting in the 17thcentury has to be one of my favorite periods of art history.  And what I particularly love, is the realism of masters Diego Velazquez and Jose de Ribera who with their uncanny … Continue reading

Kevin Geary: an artistic chameleon

In the historic tradition of art, the gifted artist first learned to draw and then to paint … whether a portrait, landscape or religious subject.  Perhaps not the first, but we know the great Titian broke this mold and colored … Continue reading

Ultimate luxury: Sitting for your own Van Dyck

In early February I was asked by a client to find a portrait artist because he was giving his wife the gift of a sitting. His stipulations were that the artist A) not be a freak, B) was partial to … Continue reading

A Dutch dandy

A painter is normally faced with deciding what medium to use.  Today there are countless mediums, but in the early 17th century, only a few were acceptable to the rich collecting patrons: panel, canvas, copper and perhaps slate.  Of these, … Continue reading

A lost Leonardo da Vinci resurfaces … really!

In the field of Old Master Paintings, where the artists have long passed, the pleasure of the old master connoisseur is reserved for the discovery of new works in the body of an artist, particularly a blue chip artist.  But … Continue reading

Reality according to Richter

Although Gerhard Richter’s photo-paintings are among his earliest works of art, I first took careful notice of them in the Spring of 2009 when the National Portrait Gallery in London organized an exhibition of Richter’s Portraits.  But what were they? … Continue reading

painting one of his own

I recently went to Lehmann Maupin, one of my favorite contemporary art galleries on 26th street in Chelsea, to see their summer exhibition titled, On Shuffle, a group exhibition of interdisciplinary underground cult figures in various mediums, which use and … Continue reading