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Michael Eden ceramics: blending tradition with technology

Two weeks ago, I was invited to a dinner party where the hostess introduced me to a pair of wonderful ceramic vases by UK-based artist Michael Eden.  I had never heard of him but was happy to discover this Master … Continue reading

bone china: they (happily) don’t make it like they used to!

When I hear of “bone china”, the distant and poorer cousin of porcelain, I rightly or wrongly imagine English dinnerware in a fussy 18th century style, which I certainly don’t think of as hip.  So it took my cousin in … Continue reading

The sensuous shapes of astrid dahl

  Inspired by plants and flowers, Astrid Dahl, the uber South African ceramicist, continues to amaze me with her incredible and complex shapes in natural white clay. Often reminding me of the 3-D counterpart to Georgia O’Keeffe’s fabulously sensual and … Continue reading

guest blogging @ dezignlicious

Hippos Invade America Earlier in the week, I had a chance to make a guest appearance on the fabulous interiors blog Dezignlicious with my post “Hippos Invade America”.  Thank you Gail for your invitation.  If you missed it, you can … Continue reading

the ravishing black irish

One of the greatest joys of what I do is discovering new modern design in all mediums.  I was particularly taken aback recently when a British friend introduced me to the work of County Cork based Irish artist Sara Flynn … Continue reading