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Make it Work!

As a young teenager living in Mexico, I remember my father extolling the creative virtues of the Mexican construction workers building our beautiful home. While some of the “creative” shortcuts may not have been safe (like when they replaced a … Continue reading

through the eyes of a hermit crab

For some time I have kept my eye on the career of New York-based photographer extraordinaire Cynthia Karalla, a one time collaborator of enfant terrible Andres Serrano.  Although her work is deep, dark and usually disturbing, she is a talented … Continue reading

what do Havana, Versailles and Hurricane Katrina have in common?

Robert Polidori (American, b. 1951) is one of my favorite photographers and is one of today’s most preeminent and acclaimed artists.  Very well regarded by both peers and collectors, arguably his most famous body of work was his series on … Continue reading