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sourcing photography at new york’s AIPAD

© Robert Shaw, Courtesy Robert Burge 20th Century Photographs, New York AIPAD, The Association of International Photography Art Dealers had its annual photography show in New York last weekend.  More than 80 of the worlds top  photography galleries from Beijing … Continue reading

pierre gonnord: modern photographs with an eye to the past

The Golden Age of Spanish painting in the 17thcentury has to be one of my favorite periods of art history.  And what I particularly love, is the realism of masters Diego Velazquez and Jose de Ribera who with their uncanny … Continue reading

Photographer Nadav Kander’s haunting Chinese landscapes

Photography is an amazing art form.   A superb image can draw you in and take you to new places and experiences, all through the eyes of the artist.  My latest “voyage” took me with Israeli artist Nadav Kander down the … Continue reading

A century of fashion and glamour come together in the works of Paul César Helleu and Cathleen Naundorf

Professionally I enjoy supporting friends, especially those who are talented, honest and who have been particularly kind like Blanca Bernheimer, a friend and colleague from a previous chapter in life.  So last Wednesday I stopped by Trinity House Paintings, a … Continue reading

Edward Burtynsky’s haunting landscapes

I’ve known of Burtynsky’s monumental photographs for over 10 years and while I could appreciate the mastery and detail of the resulting images, I was honestly not moved one way or another by his work… or so I thought.  It … Continue reading

candida höfer: reviving the past through the eyes of the present

If you’ve been reading me for some time, you know I have a tremendous love and appreciation for the arts and design of the past, particularly if one can strike a good balance with the arts of our lifetime to … Continue reading

Just monkeying around

Don’t think I’m getting soft these days …. As I’ve always said, art is not always about the latest trend, the most coveted artist, or the piece that will skyrocket in value.  Many times, it’s about what makes you happy … Continue reading