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modern silhouettes: the glass pendants of furthurdesign

I recently discovered the modern glass objects designed and made by Manhattan-based glass artist William Couig of furthurdesign.  And of the bowls, vases and other accessories he creates, what really sang to me were his pendants … beautifully crafted and … Continue reading

Some smokin’ hot light fixtures

Recently I was introduced to the work of Southern California artists Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.  And while their glass blowing studio makes all sorts of glass objects, what really struck me was their beautiful lighting.  It’s what I would … Continue reading

a pendant with an exotic flair

Sometimes a room needs an extra oomph and one thing I’ve learned is that a touch of the exotic usually does the trick. Consider for example the beautiful Egyptian Arabesque Lamp from L’Aviva Home, a NY-based, online retailer specializing in … Continue reading

Youngin’ it up @ Mallett

Established in 1865 in Bath (and relocated to London in the late 1930s), Mallett is one of the oldest established antique dealer’s in the world, traditionally specializing in the finest of 18th and early 19th century furniture and works of … Continue reading

ayala serfaty’s organic “soma” light fixture

In today’s world it seems like nobody has the time to invest to do anything worthwhile … certainly not if it’s going to take 6 years. But that is exactly what it took gifted artist and designer Ayala Serfaty (also … Continue reading

monsters of the deep?

If you love the ocean like I do, these lights look like elegant jellyfish, sashaying in unison to the surface. But they also look like fireworks dashing into the sky a split second before they explode.  Regardless, these light pendants … Continue reading

Danish Designer Louis Lovegrove: Sony Walkman, Apple Computer and …

One of the hardest interior furnishings to find is that one detail that can make or break a room – the light fixture.  It is my constant source of stress! One fixture I’ve used in the past is the Danish … Continue reading